QuickBooks Hosting for Small to Medium Business

Published: 25th June 2010
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Reliable hosting facilitates comprehensive, convenient and easy access to your QuickBooks files. Access Quickbooks from your desktop, anytime, anywhere. The QuickBooks accounting application software runs on high speed remote servers in a secure, safe and protected data center. NovelASPect QuickBooks Remote Access is fast and accessible allowing its users to easily access their data from anywhere at anytime through the Internet. The company provides the best and most the cost-effective option for your QuickBooks hosting needs.

With fast performance and greater uptime for QuickBooks Hosting, NovelASPect also ensure the time saving of accessing the financial or accounting records. Moreover, QuickBooks Remote Access greatly saves on your transportation costs as you and your client can simultaneously: work on the same file or record, access, navigate and update record, take printouts and backup accounting files directly through the Internet. With QuickBooks hosting using Citrix technology, clients have the access to QuickBooks files online at anytime and from anywhere with ease and comfort.

NovelASPect utilizes Citrix technology, more efficient and reliable than terminal servers. In fact, Citrix has been shown to be 3-4 times faster than terminal servers and allows for one-click access to data.

With the help of QuickBooks Hosting. the client doesn't have to install many licensed software on their PC's. Multiple users from different locations can access the same accounting records or files concurrently and transparently that saves you from the trouble of installing multiple copies of the software on different PC's. Also, hosting of QuickBooks on Terminal Servers, one has the option of confining the intended user to their respective accounting files.

As the QuickBooks Hosts on a terminal server of the NovelASPect, one does not have to worry about the security of the protected accounting information or data. Also, NovelASPect allows multiple backup of the accounting files in the most secure data centers. QuickBooks Hosting service assists most QuickBooks Add-ons that helps you to integrate various industry specific business requirements and in the most cost effective manner.

QuickBooks Hosting Solution is the name you can count on. It offers the maximum level ease, comfort and security and reliability of the data. NovelASPect QuickBooks Terminal Server renders one of the safe and password protected data or accounting information transfer protocol that makes the file safest to access online. The highly protected and secure data center allows the highest level of shield for your backup data. QuickBooks hosting with NovelASPect is the best choice you should make if you want to be completely assured of safety of your information.

About the Author:

NovelASPect.com has no investors and no equipment leases or debt. The company is 100% employee owned and operated. Today, financial infrastructure is a bigger risk to service reliability than facility infrastructure.

NovelASPect.com was founded in 2005 by a CPA and a certified Microsoft and Citrix professional. After experiencing unreliable and unsatisfactory service from a Quickbooks terminal services hosting provider, we decided to create our own hosting service, first for our CPA clients and eventually for use by other CPA's and small businesses. We are now experts in providing application delivery to you through a Citrix client. We back up your data 4 times each day and send it offsite daily to our wholly owned disaster recovery site.

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